Food Tour Guide

What Is a Food Tour?

Got a foodie in the family? A history buff friend? An adventurous coworker? A food tour has you covered for all the above.

Perhaps most obvious, a food tour’s top priority involves lip-smacking food. At Taste It Tours, we pride ourselves on choosing locally-owned cafés and restaurants, ones that often feature farm to table food or do business with other local vendors including farmers, purveyors, and artisanal food crafters. We spend time exploring the food scene to ensure your excursion with us is delicious, from start to finish. You’ll get a sampling of at least five local favorites, where the chefs and/or owners will showcase a signature dish, cocktail, or drink that will leave you eager to visit with them again.

Food tours also encompass history. Taste It Tours gives you snapshots of historical sites, sharing points of interest throughout the tour. After all, our tours are featured in the Wild, Wild West – why not get a “taste” of how these cities used to be not so long ago? Additionally, you’ll often get a piece of each eatery’s history, including some of the cultural influences, helping to create an unforgettable foodie experience.

Finally, and certainly, the most important – food tours must include fun! Your tour guide will make sure your time with us is a delight, introducing you to your fellow tour patrons, as well as restaurant owners, staff, and chefs who all share your love of food. We want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of a food tour; your only requirement is to come hungry and leave satisfied.

Put simply, a food tour is a journey through a collection of locally-owned restaurants, serving up a tasty treat to get famished, inquiring minds hungry for more. Book your tour now! 

How Does a Food Tour Work?

  • We’ll visit five (5) or more locally-owned food destinations, each providing a healthy portion of food and three (3) featuring a cocktail pairing.
  • In between stops, we’ll walk (about 1.5 miles total) around Downtown Phoenix, Old Town Scottsdale, or Gilbert and your tour guide will point out all sorts of cool facts along the way.
  • At each stop, you’ll also hear restaurant owners and managers tell their unique stories and why they’re such a valued member of the food scene in their city.

If there’s one word we can use to describe food tours, it would be “addictive.” You’ll want to enjoy one in every city you visit.

Jessica Combest

About Us

Taste It Tours started in 2010 as the creation of second-generation Arizonan Jessica Combest. Jessica is a self-prescribed foodie whose grandfather ran one of the first roller skating rinks in Arizona, the RollerDrome (don’t worry, no skates will be involved on your food tour).
Jessica began her journey as a food tour participant in San Diego and fell in love with the concept. Then she realized Phoenix had no such offering and that she was already an expert on the Phoenix food scene – Taste It Tours was born.

Since the beginning, Taste It Tours’ goal has been to connect guests with the restaurants that have impacted the Downtown Phoenix and Old Town Scottsdale culinary culture. You’ll meet new people, sample delicious food and drinks, learn a few facts, and definitely not go home hungry.

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