Food Predictions for 2012

Top Ten 2012 Food Predictions….Foodie Humor!

We can’t take credit for writing this witty bit of foodie humor. We borrowed this blog post from our friend Lisa Armstrong at Local Roots Food Tours in Sacramento. And it looks like she borrowed it from Garrett Snyder ( That’s what blogging and social media are all about, right? Sharing and giving credit when other people have good stuff you want to feature on your site. So anyway, ENJOY.

Top 10 Foodie Humorous Predictions for 2012.   Do you agree with any?

Food Prediction #1: 2012 will be marked a stunning resurgence of the pot pie

Food Prediction #2: In 2012 mixologists will begin illegally distilling their own spirits. Several are maimed by a freak still explosion.

Food Prediction #3: LA Chef Ludo finally opens permanent LA restaurant. Reservations are made via a massive game of rock-paper-scissors

Food Prediction #4: Coffee enters a unheard of ’4th wave’. Beans are now accompanied by a brief biography of each plant they come from.

Food Prediction #5: Chef Ricardo Zarate shockingly retires from cooking after discovering the lucrative profits of Alpaca farming.

Food Prediction #6: Onsite gardens at restaurants are replaced by onsite livestock pens. Chefs become dangerously attached 2 their meat.

Food Prediction #7: Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook complete their scientific quest to successfully deep-fry every known food item.

Food Prediction #8: Homemade dairy products. Churning your own butter will no longer be used solely as a sexual euphemism.

Food Prediction #9: Roy Choi is revealed to be the evil clone of David Chang spawned by a miso fermenting experiment gone horribly wrong.

Food Prediction#10: Secret pop-up dinners will utilize blindfolds, treasure maps, and kidnapping.


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